God of Abrahamic Religions

The Jews no longer wanted to have anything to do with these Vedic gods. To put it succinctly, the entire covenant with God of Abrahamic religions – including Judaism, Christianity, and Islam – is nothing but an agreement amongst Yadavas to worship only Krishna/Yahweh and to reject all other Hindu gods in favor of Krishna. Suddenly forsaking the Vedic religion and Vedic gods would have been difficult for the masses. And then, after they broke away from this faction, the Yadavas then had a serious discussion amongst themselves about their religion.

So they needed to be suitably modified so as to fit them and show them as legends about mortals. Some modifications were done here and there to fit the legend of godly figures into the legends of mortals. It might not be that they wanted to worship Siva alone, but they probably wanted to continue worshipping the Hindu religious trinity of Brahma/Vishnu/Siva and the Vedic Gods; they probably did not want to completely discard the worship of everyone, especially Siva. Such Yadavas have been left in India on the banks of Hagar river.

Jacob is not so able, but is considered to be an intellect. Jai means “hail.” They have done a lot of cutting the names right in the middle. For example, we can see that the long name of Saraswati is cut right in the middle and only Sarai portion of it is retained. Similarly, in Ishwar, only Ish has been retained and a consonant has been suffixed, to get Isaac. And the answer to that is yes. They have rejected the Vedic gods as well!

Jews did not take these people along with them to Kashmir, and later to Israel. So it is likely that some Yadavas were reluctant to completely give up the worship of Siva. So, for example, Tirupati Balaji is called Venkateswara swami. After pointing out all of this, the scholar claimed that this is indicative of the fact that Venkateswara Swamy and Skanda are one and the same; and likewise all forms of worship are different manifestations of the same god, he argued. This has been symbolically represented in their scriptures when Isaac is taken to Mount Moriah and is offered as sacrifice to Yahweh.

There are several legends that show that Ganesh and Swami/Skanda fought with each other for various things. How did he get this name? Abrahamic religions have covenant with Krishna of India! It is not just the covenant, most aspects of the Jewish theology, including all the important names of their God Yahweh, the important names connected with them including the words Jews/Hebrews/Israel, the original sin, Sabbath, the system of prophets, the names of their scriptures and rabbis, the song of songs, and everything else can be unambiguously traced back to Krishna and Yadavas of India.