Temple of Siva

And what does the son Ishmael of Hagar signify? Why would a temple of Siva be made the son of Hagar, the tributary of Saraswati? This entire covenant of Abraham is nothing but an agreement amongst Yadavas that henceforth, they are not going to worship any god other than Krishna/Yahweh. So let me show that there is more resemblance than just two names here. the similarity of names and the concept cannot be missed. In Hindu legends, Iswar is the son of Brahma; he is even called Brahmaputra, meaning son of Brahma. So it is likely that some Yadavas were reluctant to completely give up the worship of Siva. It might not be that they wanted to worship Siva alone, but they probably wanted to continue worshipping the Hindu religious trinity of Brahma/Vishnu/Siva and the Vedic Gods; they probably did not want to completely discard the worship of everyone, especially Siva.

Which all gods did they discard? Mithra is the god of friendships and pacts; so his name got associated with “judgement” in Jewish scriptures. Siva is not the only Rudra; there are other Rudras apart from him, though he is the most prominent Rudra. As per Indian scripture Gita, Siva is one among the eleven Rudras. Ganesh is many a times called Jaiganesh in the north. In fact, people are named as Jaiganesh, and this particular habit of prefixing jai is a peculiar habit of this deity alone. For other deity names, they also append Sri along with Jai, JaiSriram for example. And just like in Jewish legend, the Ambika of Hindus is actually a benign and pleasing goddess. Ambika/Amba is the most popular name of the Saivite Goddess in the Gujarat region, the place where the Yadavas used to stay in India at the time of Krishna.

In order to prove that they abide by this agreement, it is likely that various measures were taken by the Yadavas. Ganesh in Hindu legends becomes the lord of ganas, whereas Jacob in Jewish legends gets the title of Israel and is bestowed with Abrahamic legacy. The legends of the Jewish bible have been appropriately modified to fit them with human beings. The legends of Hindus are obviously pertaining to godly figures. Rudra means someone who is supremely angry, and one who destroys. So his name got figuratively associated with “ditch” and “humiliation.” One important thing to notice is that they have not listed elements of nature (fire, wind, water ..) and Sun and Moon in this list of six sons; probably they considered these to be the manifestations of God on earth.

Having made such an agreement, it was necessary to show that they have discarded other gods of Hinduism. Considered to be an extremely important post, both the brothers fight for the post. In order to break the deadlock, it is declared that whoever goes around the world and comes back first would be made the lord of the ganas. Skanda immediately starts on his peacock and goes around the world at a fast pace and comes back in seven days. Siva is an important god of the Hindu pantheon; his worship was strong in the Gujarat region. Skanda felt cheated by this development, and he goes away from Kailas to far away place in the south. This legend has other variations. However, I have seen people being named as Jaiganesh. Jai means “hail.” They have done a lot of cutting the names right in the middle.

So they needed to be suitably modified so as to fit them and show them as legends about mortals. The six sons of Abraham through Ketura are none other than the Vedic gods of India. Showing the connection between the six sons and the Vedic gods requires some linguistic analysis; it would not be possible to show the analysis here, as it requires some development of the subject. Just to capture the results of the analysis, Zimran is Devendra, Zokshan is Daksha, Medan is Marut, Midian is Mithra, Ishbak is Aswins and Shuah is Rudra. Mount Moriah is nothing but Mount Meru of Vishnu/Krishna. Vishnu/Krishna is believed by Vaishnavites to reside there. Abraham took Isaac there and offered him as sacrifice, before he was stopped in the last minute.

This is nothing but the tributary of river Saraswati, the river by name Ghaggar in India!